Relaxation Files

Relaxation training is routinely offered to treatment clients at Kinetik. Relaxation can be an important tool in effective pain management. When the mind and body are relaxed and at peace, our perception of pain diminishes. There are many types of relaxation. The most basic form of relaxation involves proper belly breathing. There are also relaxation exercises which focus on relieving muscle tension, and using our mind to alter our sensation of pain. In addition, a very popular method of relaxation is visualization, which involves conjuring pleasant images in as much detail as possible. Beyond its use in pain management, relaxation can be a very effective tool in stress management. Here are 11 relaxation exercises of different types and lengths. A number of these exercises are routinely taught and practiced at Kinetik. All are available free for download.


Title Play Download
Basic Deep Breathing Download
Progressive Muscle Relaxation Download
Relaxation by Recall Download
Relaxation by Altering Pain Sensations Download
Relaxation through Suggestion Download
Visualization – Sailing Download
Visualization – Waterfall and Beach Download
Visualization – Forest Download
Visualization – Warmth Download
Visualization – Your Own Special Place Download
Sunlight Meditation Download