Assessment Services

The goal of our assessment services is to identify physical, psychological, and/or emotional factors affecting individual recovery. Kinetik tailors assessment services to meet specific needs.

Multidisciplinary Assessment:

A multidisciplinary assessment can objectively determine an individual’s current work/activity capacity, investigate barriers impeding recovery and make clear recommendations for further rehabilitation, when appropriate. Based on the needs of the individual client and insurer, the in-depth process may involve the skills of several rehabilitation professionals, of which we have all in house.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE):

FCE’s help determine an individual’s ability to perform work. The evaluation is an effective tool in determining whether an individual has the necessary physical capacity to return to a specific job or whether other vocational avenues need to be explored. When an individual’s rehabilitation has not progressed as well as expected, the FCE can answer important questions, including alternative treatment options, likely outcomes following appropriate treatment, and current level of work capacity.

Disability Assessment:

When an individual is left with permanent change to their work or life capacity due to injury or altered health status and will not be able to return to a previous level of function, a disability assessment can identify what the individual is capable of doing, at what level, and for how long. Disability assessments are designed to determine whether an individual is restricted or lacks the ability to perform certain tasks within the range considered normal for their circumstances.