Workplace Injury Prevention Services

Let Kinetik help you keep your employees safe and minimize your disability costs.

Early Intervention:

Kinetik designs early intervention programs to get injured employees into appropriate treatment early and progresses treatment towards an early return to the workplace. The focus is on functional restoration and returning employees to their previous level of employment. Throughout the process, Kinetik maintains regular communication with employers, insurers, and medical consultants.

Worksite Evaluation:

Evaluating specific worksites can play an important role in helping individuals avoid on the job injuries and prevent re-injury. There are two components to Kinetik’s worksite evaluation:

  • Ergonomic Analysis: Used to ensure the physical environment for an employee is well setup and that employees are proactive in their work routines. This can decrease the number of cumulative injuries and improve productivity. Kinetik therapists are experienced in office and industrial ergonomics.
  • Physical Demands Analysis (PDA): An occupational therapist from Kinetik tours your worksite to assess the overall work environment, identify different tasks required of specific jobs, and determine the physical demands of each task. This establishes physical and behavioural behavioral abilities needed to perform specific jobs. Results are used as a standard for the job. By comparing the physical demands of a job with the physical abilities of workers, Kinetik is able to develop injury prevention strategies within the workplace. Kinetik therapists are experienced in developing PDA’s for mining, manufacturing, and service industries.

Pre-Employment Screens (PES):

Kinetik’s team of professionals uses a detailed physical demands analysis in order to develop fair and accurate screens. Typically, the PES is given to potential employees, with employment being conditional on demonstrating the ability required for the employment applied for. A physical therapist, occupational therapist, and exercise therapist monitors a potential employee during the screen, assessing both physical and aerobic capacity as well as the ability to perform the work safely. Following the assessment, Kinetik prepares a letter of recommendation for the employer or insurer regarding employee suitability for the job.

From the use of PES’s, some of the outcomes from studies have shown:

  • For every $1 spent on pre-employment screens, there was a cost savings of $18 (1800% ROI).
  • The average cost of a claim made after a pre-employment screen was 7 times lower than claims made with no pre-employment screen.
  • Research has shown that retention rates can be over 3 times as high for employees that pass a pre-employment screen.

Education/Injury Prevention:

The cost/benefits of preventing injury in the workplace are well-documented. To help you realize them, Kinetik tailors education programs to meet specific needs and goals.

Kinetik designs health promotion programs that address the unique needs of different occupational groups. Because changing behaviours is a gradual process, Kinetik provides strategies for moving individuals through the steps, from resistance to chance, to acceptance of the benefits, to behaviour modification, to maintenance of positive behaviours.