Client Testimonials

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy
  • “My compliments to the staff. Superior treatment from the time I arrive till the time I leave. We are fortunate to have such programs in place!”
  • “I felt like my whole wellbeing was being looked after”
  • “Very thankful for my therapist and the progress made while here. The staff has all been super kind and friendly. Thank you all!”
  • “Kinetik exceeded my expectations.”
  • “You have an excellent knowledgeable staff that are experts in what they do.”
  • “I felt very secure that the support I received was tailored to my individual situation, and that it was the best plan to follow to successfully return to regular activities.”
  • “Kinetik met my every need.”
  • “I feel I could not have come this far without your team of experts by my side.”
  • “The atmosphere at Kinetik is one that I will always remember. The staff were accommodating to your needs… Amazing program!”
  • “All the team was like family.”
  • “Friendly staff explained the program very well. Have nothing but gratitude towards the staff as well as the program.”